Let's Grow
Eco Entrepreneurs and
Heal the Planet.

Educate. Activate. Collaborate.

We believe in the power of teenagers to change the world. They are inheriting a planet in crisis. They deserve to know how previous generations have trashed their planet and get educated and activated so that they can collaborate with local businesses and community leaders to take their planet back.


The symptoms of glysophate toxicity are identical to autism. Glysophate is the main ingredient in RoundUp. And glysophate becomes more deadly when combined with POAE, an “inert” ingredient in RoundUp that is especially destructive to embryonic cells. 

Educate yourself by reading this article in Scientific American and this cancer study.

And learn how Irvine, CA is leading the way on banning RoundUp in its community. We can do this too!


By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Less than 5% of plastic is recycles, 40% ends up in landfills and the rest ends up scattered about the planet and in our oceans.

We’re educating and activating teens in our after school program to show people how to eliminate plastic, especially plastic bags, water bottles and plastic straw.

Watch this heartbreaking video about a sea turtle who thought a straw was food.


Cotton, Leather & Fast Fashion

Conventional cotton is the most toxic and water-hogging crop on the planet. Cotton is half of the fiber used to make clothing.

90% of cotton is genetically modified. Cotton crops use 18% of pesticides and 25% of insecticides today.

Leather tanning is an extremely toxic process that leads to 20-50% of leather workers getting cancer.

Watch The True Cost and read Dress [with] Sense

We are polluting the planet and every living thing on it.

It's time to stop. Small daily decisions that you make with your wallet can save the planet.

In our after-school programs, we partner with schools to educate and activate high school age citizens to go out into their communities and replace toxic chemicals and products with earth-friendly alternatives.
Brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs have already come up with solutions. It’s time to implement them.

Contact Caprice to start an chapter in your school or community.