college is optional. Sharing Your gifts with the world is not.

hack your career
for teens

An alternative to jumping through academic hoops on the way to becoming a professor

In 4 weeks, discover your superpowers, activate them, make money your friend, and create a Big Life Playbook.

Author Your Own Story

In Just 4 Weeks Get Clear and Confident...

Week 1: Be You

1. Personality

How are you wired to BE in the world?

2. Invent yourself

What brings satisfaction and prosperity for you?

3. Self-Agency

Become the author of your own story

Week 2: Focus

4. Confidence

Amp up your confidence to match your abilities.

5. Success

Create your personal definition of success.

6. Meaningful Work

Connect desired experiences with work.

Week 3: Shadows

7. Shadows

What ideas and beliefs limit your divine potential?

8. Money

Make money your friend. Let go of negatives ideas.

9. Habits

Daily practices for energy, prosperity, and joy.

Week 4: Action

10. Affirmations

You deserve all good things.

11. Action

Stay on track and let go of your shoulds.

12. Plan

Experiment and fail fast with community support.

make Money. Do good. Be joyful.

Whether you are a young adult just getting started, a parent who is worried about your teenager, or an adult looking for more meaningful work, this groundbreaking online course will take you through a proven process to connect you with your unique superpowers and purpose.

In 4 weeks, you will complete your Big Life Playbook and have a plan for the next six months.

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You might think that you are alone on this journey, but you are not. We designed this as a group coaching experience to show you that many people feel like square pegs stuck in round holes. You found your tribe!