“Design Your Life Like You Matter. Because You Do.”- Caprice Thorsen


We offer you a community of heart-centered creators and  entrepreneurs to share your journey so that you can feel calm and confident as you build a Big Life fueled by your superpowers, purpose, and love. 

It’s easy to feel hopeless, depressed, and wonder if the world has gone crazy. That’s all about to change.

You have found your tribe. Get ready to connect with like-minded, powerful men and women doing amazing work.

You have the power to create solutions.

Our story

Big Life Path also creates a fresh path for people who are starting and re-starting their work lives. It is ludicrous for another generation to overpay for a college degree only to feel lost in a sea of student loan debt.

We offer a viable alternative to the conventional path that is full of false promises and choices.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, educators, change agents, and parents who are committed to empowering people to become powerful creators of amazing lives.

Born out of frustration and love.

Our purpose is to empower people of all ages to become powerful creators of their own lives so that they can do work they love and have flexibility and freedom.

Women are half as likely as men to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is often viewed as a masculine pursuit with the myth of the aggressive, risk taking alpha male doing it all on his own.

We are out to change this disempowering myth as together we re-imagine how business building works for busy women.

Create your own path. Because you are worth it.

A message from our founder

Caprice Thorsen

I was highly successful by society’s standards. But I felt like something was missing.

I took the conventional path: I got good grades, went to college, worked for two US Senators, got an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon, and got paid a lot of money in the corporate world. This path was empty and soul-less (for me).

I tore up the foundation of my life and built it again on my own terms — designing a Big Life around my values and purpose. I am grateful that I figured out how to be my own boss before I had kids. I’ve guided my two daughters on their self-directed learning journeys without school while being a solopreneur and a single mom.

I’ve been able to set my own schedule and work as many hours as made sense for each chapter of my mothering life.

And I want the same freedom, self-agency, and meaningful life  for you.

Design your life like it matters. Because you do.


Our Mission: To Empower One Million People to Create their Own Paths Designed around Purpose and Values.