Confused about Your Next Step?

It’s no fun following the standard path just because you think you have to. It’s hard to stay the course when you don’t have  a clear sense of who you are and what your unique gifts, talents, and strengths are. It’s tough going when you don’t know what brings you joy.

Design a Passion Project around your gifts, talents and what you care about deeply. Then you can make wise college and life decisions.

Our Mission: To empower out-of-the box people to create their own gigs and family friendly businesses that make the world a better place.


New Passion Project Workshop starting Spring 2019. Apply Today!

What is a Big Life? When you live a Big Life, you…

  1. Have time and money freedom.
  2. Use your gifts and talents for work you care about.
  3. Build relationships that make your happy.
  4. Play, have fun, laugh a lot.
  5. Are confident and love your Self.

Big Life Path is here to guide, mentor, and inspire you on your journey. Want more guidance right now? Get the Big Life Design eBook now. Our gift to you.

Join our 6-week Passion Project workshop and group coaching experience. Build something that matters. Discover your SuperPowers. Get loving support. Connect with your tribe


Let’s Be Real – Being a teenager is hard if you can’t disconnect from the craziness of social media and social expectations to create your own path in life.

That’s where Big Life Path comes in. Our community is a safe place for you to discover your superpowers and design a gig that works for you.

College-Age and Adults

Life is too short to do meaningless work.

If you don't think college is for you or realize that you're not where you want to be with work, you've found your tribe.